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I Can Eat Peanuts, Again

CLIENT | Damien B.

I was suffering with hives and consulted with many doctors. I would take steroids for a period of time and the hives would go away, but once I stopped taking the steroids the hives would return. I dealt with this for about 5 months until I found out that I was highly allergic to peanuts.

Once I received this diagnosis I went to see Dr. Rawlin, and he was happy to work with me to get this problem fixed. After the treatments, he tested me concerning my allergies to peanuts. After only 24 hours, he had me try a couple of peanuts to see if I would have a reaction, which I didn’t. We wait another 24 hours and try it again and I had no reaction.

I can now eat peanuts and am no longer having any hives or bad reactions to eating anything containing peanuts.

JAN 2017

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