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What to Expect

Your First Visit

On the first visit into our office an initial consultation will be performed.  This is where the doctor will go over with the patient their history and current reason for coming into the office.  The patient will be checked for an atlas misalignment and if found as a problem, doctor Rawlin will give an upper cervical toggle adjustment to correct the problem.  The patient will then re-schedule to come in for either a regional or comprehensive muscle evaluation.

Your Second Visit

On the second visit, the doctor and patient will talk about the changes from the atlas adjustment that was given on the first visit.  Depending on what the patient is experiencing will determine what muscles are evaluated and tested for instability and decreased function.  Through testing the muscles it will be determined the course of care and frequency of treatment needed.  A muscle will be treated at this time to demonstrate how Dr Rawlin can restore and increase function to inhibited muscles.