While sitting in Dr. Rawlin’s office a couple of weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for Zerona laser treatment to remove stubborn fat cells. I was immediately interested in what this treatment was. I asked Chelsea who works there and (would be the person performing the treatments) for more details. I found out it’s (6) total treatments for 40 minutes each. The price was much better than any cool sculpting treatments. I had her sign me up that day after getting the details.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of Zerona. I have carried a little extra fat around my middle and lower back areas. I wanted this gone!! I workout with Orangetheory 5x per week. It’s a great place to workout. I was still not able to target these areas. I wanted this fat gone.

After receiving all 6 treatments and following the steps she gave me to help release the fat from my cells. I was extremely happy and completely loved the way my body looked. I lost a total of—5 1/2 inches!!!

Seriously, if you’re needing that area that is not responding to exercise come check Zerona out. Dr. Rawlin’s staff are very friendly and willing to listen to your concerns. Thank you for changing my body and giving me the confidence I need to continue with my workouts and drinking water.