I can now eat peanuts

I was suffering with hives and consulted with many doctors.  I would take steroids for a period of time and the hives would go away, but once I stopped taking the steroids the hives would return.  I dealt with this for about 5 months until I found out that I was highly allergic to peanuts.  Once I had this diagnosis I went to see Dr. Rawlin, and he worked with me and performed some procedures.  After the procedures, he tested me concerning my allergies to peanuts.  I waited for twenty-five hours after the procedure, he had me try to eat a couple of peanuts to see if I would have a reaction, which I didn’t.  He had me wait another twenty-four hours and had me eat several peanuts and I still had no reaction.  I can now eat peanuts and am no longer having any hives or bad reactions to eating anything containing peanuts.