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The Results

Testimonials and Success Stories

Muscle inhibition can occur anywhere. In this case it is apparent during a lunge. One leg is able while the other has ranges that struggle. There are 13 divisions of the quadriceps muscle. This change was a result of treating 2 of those muscles.

Simple concept, if a muscle won’t accept load as it should the force must be transferred and absorbed by a neighboring muscle, which alters the direction and management of forces. This can result in pain, dysfunction, decreased performance, and even inability to perform daily tasks. Once the muscle can be loaded, those shifts no longer occur and the muscles can be strengthened and used the way they should, pain changes or leaves, and functions return just that fast.

APR 2021

CLIENT | Kolette H.

I first started seeing Dr. Rawlin because I could barely walk. The pain in my knee was tremendous. I was certain that I would have to have surgery. I had heard from others in my community of successes that they had experienced with Dr. Rawlin, and I hoped that he could help me avoid surgery. That was six years ago - no surgery for me! Since then, Dr. Rawlin has treated me for a variety of muscle pain and soreness, including a hip injury following an auto accident and mouth pain that I thought would require a root canal. His holistic approach to muscle activation is now my go-to. The entire staff is kind, helpful, and focused on me as an individual. Thank you for helping me feel my best?

NOV 2022

This patient had pain and inability to raise her arm above her head. We found multiple portions of the trapezius muscle inhibited. After this treatment she had full range of motion restored and the pain nearly gone. A week later at follow up there was no hesitation and no pain. One of the benefits of not waiting months to be seen is a much more rapid recovery.

APR 2021

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