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No More Headaches or Neck Grinding

CLIENT | Linda P.

I've been suffering from headaches, morning and night for years. My left hip that was injured several years before and hurt 24/7, and would go out, leaving me standing while it went back in so I could not move forward. To top all of that my legs would stiffen up to the point that I could barely get around, and I had neck problems for years that I went to another chiropractor for.

Since I began my treatments, I have no headaches, or grinding in my neck, my hip doesn’t hurt or catch while standing or walking and my legs are working so well that I have been able to walk 2 miles a day without trouble.

I feel so much better that it’s hard to believe. When I saw my before and after x-rays, I was so excited about the changes that had taken place in 5 months that I could hardly stand still. I actually had spaces between my vertebrae, my head wasn’t tilted and the de-generation in my neck had actually stopped. There is still work to be done on this body but I know Dr. Rawlin can conquer it all, I’m looking forward to it.

JAN 2017

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