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After 20 Years, I’m Back to Doing All of Things I Love

CLIENT | Kyle B.

I injured my lower back (L5 and both S.I. joints) in a basketball game in high school. Over the course of 20 years after that injury, I suffered progressively worse back and sciatic pain. I tried everything in my power to stabilize my back and relieve my pain, but nothing worked until I found Dr. Rawlin.

I had stopped doing some of the things that I really enjoyed doing and was terrified that I would end up in a wheelchair at a very young age. I started seeing Dr. Rawlin without much hope, but I noticed improvements that seemed permanent. So I continued seeing him and, though it took roughly a year and a half, Dr. Rawlin has stabilized my back and I’m back to doing all of things I love!

He is an amazing doctor! He will stick with a problem until he licks it, no matter how difficult (my back is a great example). To top it all off, he is a really nice guy too.

SEP 2019

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