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How Does a Chiropractor Actually Help Issues?


The body is complex and requires different approaches to different aches and pains.  In  most cases, you will find that the chiropractor will always discuss and assess where and what the pain you are suffering from is in the first visit.  

During this visit, there will be lots of talking to understand what you are experiencing.  In many cases, this health assessment may involve testing by moving the body or muscles that are injured.  The chiropractor may test how you sit, stand, move, bend or stretch based on your pain tolerance and the issues you came in for. The test may include X-rays if required.  

Once the assessment is done, the chiropractor will then move on to treatment by using his hands on a special table on which you sit or lay down on with your clothes on.   You will have the chiropractor press on the affected region to assess how best to treat, and may use his/her hands to adjust the body to a better balanced position.  The treatment may even include rehabilitative exercises and potential counsel on nutrition and lifestyle changes.  Depending on how the body responds and how severe the health issues are, you may need more visits to help the body recover and become stronger.

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