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About Doctor Hall

Dr. Hall was born in Oregon and raised in Southern Utah on a ranch. After high school, he attended Dixie State University for an associate degree before meeting his wife and moving to Dallas, Texas to further his education. He graduated from Parker University in 2021 with a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic, a Master of Science degree in Functional Nutrition, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Anatomy and Health & Wellness. He is also certified in the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT). 

While in school, Dr. Hall was taught multiple spinal adjusting techniques to effectively adapt his treatments to every patient. Outside of school, he was mentored by chiropractor and teacher Dr. Charrette who is world renowned for his mastery of extremity adjusting. As a result, Dr. Hall specializes in treatment of extremities, including ankles/feet, knees, hips, wrists/hands, elbows, shoulders, and jaw (TMJ). 

Dr. Hall is always looking for the most effective ways to treat patients, which led him to AMIT. He feels that an alignment of the joints of the body will often relieve pain, but if the muscles surrounding the joint are not properly functioning, then the joint will continue to require re-alignment. Using AMIT to ensure proper stability of a joint will encourage long term, lasting healing and results. 

The education Dr. Hall received in functional nutrition allows him to consider more than a musculoskeletal cause to pain. The body should be treated as an entire unit, and joint pain could be a result of a poor diet, or lack of proper nutrition for the body to heal the way it was designed. 

Outside of the office, Dr. Hall enjoys spending time with his wife and son, playing pickleball or disc golf, and playing strategy board games with friends. He is always looking to learn and be challenged. Schedule an appointment with him today and employ his expertise to improve your joint function and quality of life.