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About Doctor Ferrin

dr-ferrinDr. Brock Ferrin attended and obtained undergraduate degrees from Utah State University and University of Utah. He graduated at the top of his class as valedictorian in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Parker University. Dr. Ferrin also graduated with his Masters in Neuroscience from Parker University. The Masters of Neuroscience was focused on strategies for managing conditions like pain, autonomic dysfunction, dizziness, mild traumatic brain injuries (concussions), and more.

While Dr. Ferrin was in school, he also became certified in the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique instructed by Dr. Craig Buhler and Dr. Spencer Williams. The AMIT method has been used in many high-level sports, but the utilization rate amongst strength athletes has been low; this is something Dr. Ferrin hopes to change soon. Dr. Ferrin is fascinated by the capacity for healing and performance by the human body, and is always looking to learn more to be the best he can be. Dr Rawlin and Ferrin both share a rather intense disdain for having to re-do any particular treatment and have chosen the AMIT method because that is such a rare occurrence.

Dr. Ferrin has a passion for playing, learning, applying, and teaching about the biomechanics of sports, such as the games of basketball, football, sprinting, tennis, pickleball, powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, and other recreational sports. Dr. Ferrin is a recreational and competitive strongman and loves helping his patients reach new heights, greater than they thought possible. Athletics extends beyond sports into farms, warehouses, homes, and more. Daily demands of life are different for everyone and Dr. Ferrin is excited to help you meet and exceed any demands you have.