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Our Services

Our Unique Rawlin Neural Pathway Integration Technique

This proprietary technique developed by Dr. Eric Rawlin allows the practitioner to reestablish brain activity and function to areas of the body that have been damaged, injured, or inhibited.  Every function and aspect of the body is controlled by the brain through signals, pathways, and connections.  Once we have determined the specific dysfunction, we can reconnect that center of your brain allowing it to work once again.  This is a completely safe, risk free treatment that shows immediate results without the need of having to repeat the same procedure over and over. LEARN MORE

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

A chiropractic method which treats injuries in a unique way by reactivating muscles. By doing this, it maximizes the function of the body. This can provide dramatic results for athletes as they can train harder and focus longer as well as treat both acute and chronic injuries. LEARN MORE


We have a hands-on, drug-free approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment including issues like back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches. LEARN MORE

Zerona Fat Loss Laser

Erchonia’s Zerona is a full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas of stubborn fat, and is the first laser specifically designed for body contouring. LEARN MORE

Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technologies

This treatment is an innovative and completely natural method for effectively treating allergies. By looking for the root cause, we can cure the allergy, allowing the symptoms to be reduced or even removed completely. LEARN MORE

What Makes Us Unique

See the Results

Best treatment in the world for any neck or back pain. I have done all treatments known to man other than surgery for my lower back and nothing worked long term. Performance & Healing Chiropractic is about fixing the issue and getting you out the door so you don't have to return.

-  NATE H.

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